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House insurance

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Travel insurance

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Life insurance

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Car insurance

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About us

Meet our Insure Senior Team.

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March, 2009

The establishment of our agency, with two professional insurance agents, in small office in Boston.

December, 2011

Three new insurance agents in our team, 2.500 customers!

February, 2014

Moving to a new office in Boston. More than 5.000 customers, great references and great view of the future!

Our vision

Best insurances for everyone.

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1294 satisfied customers
5 professional agents
8 insurances in our offer
12 years of experience
Take care of your child

Insurances for
your child's future

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Company Information

Insure Senior Finder

Our customers. We have mothers and fathers, grandparents, friends and neighbors who have either faced or will face the difficult task of knowing how to find the right assisted living. We hope to make it easier.

Contact details

We are always looking to improve and offer a better service. If you have any ideas or questions call us.

E-mail address:
info@seniorplacefinder.com steve@seniorplacefinder.com

(+1) 855 680 2276

Available 8:00am - 4:00pm

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